Monday, 4 October 2010

Don't Forget Your Postie

The gathering momentum of opposition to the Public Service cuts with Trade Unions joining forces with   local community groups is a move in the right direction if these cuts are going to be resisted.
Many areas have organised demos and rallies which will ensure the public are involved in the campaign to protect our services.
However there may be a danger that we forget about the Government's intention to privatise The Royal Mail. This move towards privatisation is politically motivated and will not benefit the workers or the public.
You can download the petition and get this motion passed at your union branch or Labour Party Constituency.
Communication Workers Union leader Billy Hayes said the "treasured public service" was not safe in the hands of this government.

In a speech to Labour's conference in Manchester he warned delegates that ministers would introduce a Postal Services Bill in Parliament next month that would "privatise and break up" Royal Mail.
"Royal Mail is not safe in the hands of the Lib Dems or the Tories. If they had their way, Royal Mail would be sold at a knock-down price to people whose sole instinct is the rate of return."

Mr Hayes also warned of indications that ministers could reduce the guaranteed six-day postal service to five days since the six-day service "is not guaranteed in EU law."

Royal Mail made £321 million profit in 2009 and £404 million in 2010 so it is plainly obvious that the usual looters will see this as an ideal opportunity to make a fast buck.
Any local campaign should engage with the CWU rep in the area and get them fully involved in campaigns which will give them the chance to engage with the public and bring their campaign to the forefront of the cuts agenda.


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