Saturday, 11 December 2010

So You Want a Better Society

During this cold spell I've lost count of the number of times I have heard someone say
"We are never prepared for weather like this" or something similar.
Ok then so you want to be able to drive your car or walk safely in bad weather. Well it is possible what we need to do is have fleets of snow ploughs and teams of workers on stand-by so that we can pre-empt the weather and make preparations for eradicating ice and snow so that it doesn't effect the transport system of our country and everyone can go about their business with as little disruption as possible.
Problem is as soon as you mention paying for this service the people who moan about lack of gritters run a mile.
But hang on a minute while we're on the subject of improving our way of life why not invest in an integrated transport system with buses and trains that run to meet need and not profit.
Build affordable houses so that we can solve the lack of housing and put thousands of construction workers back into work.
Maybe we could have a sensible energy policy as well with investment in green technology and clean coal so we can use our natural resources for our advantage instead of buying gas from abroad and charging customers exorbitant rates for fuel.
Possibly we could invest in our manufacturing industry to produce quality goods instead of buying cheap products from countries that treat their workers like slaves.
You see we can build a better society one where we have a health service that is free at point of use and everyone gets equal treatment despite their income.
Most importantly though to build this better society we need the bedrock of a FREE EDUCATION!


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