Monday, 20 June 2011


 Unite members at Wyndeham Impact, Basingstoke are taking strike action in defence of their terms, conditions and their jobs.
They have taken strike action for a number of weeks. The company is a magazine printer and part of the Wyndeham Group of companies.
Two years ago Unite members suffered a wage cut of some £85 per week on the basis that it would be temporary and help the company out, following the collapse of Landsbanki (Icelandic Bank) who were the company’s principle bankers.
The group was purchased by Walstead Investments (a Private Equity company).
They in turn received finance from Leumi Bank. The investment group has since purchased Southernprint, Apple Web-Offset and the St Ives magazine division.
Subsequently, the company reneged on the commitment to make good any of the wage cut and in the local negotiations that followed imposed a continuing wage freeze, cut the sick pay scheme, sought to force members to work over Christmas at short notice, refused to pay for bank holidays, announced
compulsory redundancies four days before the Christmas break and refused to honour the previously agreed redundancy terms.

National level negotiations with the company have failed to produce a satisfactory offer leading to a legal ballot for industrial action which was overwhelming carried.
Unite members have taken lawful strike action every week and are still
Many of Unite members will recognise these attacks on terms and will have suffered some of these themselves over the last few years. This is why it is such an important dispute, as it is clear we have reached a “tipping point” both here and in the industry as a whole.

Unite is therefore calling for maximum solidarity with our Wyndeham Impact members and is urgently requesting donations from branches, workplaces and chapels.
Unite GPM chapels have already been circulated seeking support and are making donations etc.
Unite would also ask for messages of support to be sent to our members in the dispute.
 Cheques should be made payable to “Impact Chapel” and posted to Steve Atwill, Unite Regional Officer at Transport House,15/16 The Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO17 1XF

Messages of solidarity and support should be emailed directly to the Unite FOC Stephen Adams at or text to 07884 430305


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