Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Geoff Waterfield

Last week Geoff Waterfield the Multi Union Chair at Teesside Cast Products sadly passed away. Geoff had been a lifelong Community Union member and played a major role in the campaign to keep Steelmaking alive in the North East.
I came into contact with Geoff during that campaign and as one of my friends has already stated we heard and felt him speak at the Save Our Steel March at Redcar in July 2009.
Anyone witnessing him speak on that day was left in no doubt the passion and commitment he gave to the cause.
Tributes from various people have been issued in the press including MPs from the region:

Nick Brown, MP for Newcastle East, said: "Geoff's energy, knowledge and enthusiasm were at the service of others. He put all his heart into the campaign for his friends, his neighbours, and his work mates.
"He was an effective trade union leader. We will miss him very much."
Tom Blenkinsop, Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland MP, said: "Geoff will always be remembered as a truly great Teesside man.
"The death of Geoff Waterfield is a truly tragic loss for his family, friends, trade union comrades, the trade union movement and the Teesside community."

The Redcar plant was closed but Geoff and his colleagues continued with the fight which eventually led to the sale of the plant to Thailand Company SSI.

A Church service will be held on Friday 9th September at St. Marks Church in Marske by the Sea beginning at 2pm.
Geoff's family have asked for donations to be made to
Cleveland Air Ambulance
Zoe's Place
Leukaemia Research

The donations can be sent to
John Barker
SSI Steel House
TS10 5QW


  1. Many thanks Steve, his speech that day was amazing, hope you guys are all well and so glad you made it that day.

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