Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Unite Retired Members

Last week Unite Executive Council ratified the new structure for retired members including the new retired members plus scheme costing 50p per week.
The council was asked to consider the option for retirees who are members of a Retried Members Branch to be allowed to still hold office in their former branch on a ex-officio basis.
This was rejected unanimously by those present as it was generally thought that this would cause confusion and it would appear to be allowing membership of two branches.

The details of the structure for retirees is below:

From 1st April 2012 newly retired members and community members will pay the same - 50p per week. Active retired members are now defined as "Retired member plus". They will have the right to benefits, and to take part in the retired members' structure, as well as the right to vote in General Secretary elections.

Free membership for retired members will still be an option after 1st April.
Existing retired members who are free card holders will remain so if they choose. They will be able to participate in the retired members structure, but will not be entitled to benefits. They will have the right to vote in General Secretary elections.

Newly retired members who choose not to pay a fee will neither attract the right to benefits nor the right to participate in the retired members structures - but they will be able to vote in General Secretary election.

Retired members who are Branch Officers of working branches will continue to pay full membership contributions.

Retired members can choose to remain in the branch in which they were a member of, or a retired members' branch or a community branch. They cannot be members of more than one branch.

"Retired member plus" members - just like community members  in a community branch - can hold office within the retired members' branch, whilst paying 50p per week.
Historic free card members (pre-1st April) cannot continue to hold office in retired members branches or elsewhere but can participate in the structure.

There is now a Retired Members Representative on the Executive Council with observer status. This person was elected by the Retired Members Association.


  1. so as well as stopping all monies to branches till you have sorted everything out (ha) you now want retired Branch officers to pay full membership many have 30 years service so much for loyalty roll on the next GS election and executive elections we are now in the hands off right wing

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  2. Well it's about choice the retired members can remain as officers or join a retired members branch. Remaining as an officer of a branch has a cost to it and the new structure was developed with full consultation with the Retired Members Association.
    Apart from the bit about holding ex-officio status they agreed to it.

  3. Most retired members have no knowledge off the retired members association including branch officials in my area the first i knew about its was 6 months ago i note you have no comment on the withdrawal off branch funds which on effect stops any branch from paying affiliations do you honestly believe its about choice as i said this is worst than Jackson and the so called united left needs to get a grip

  4. The branch issue you would need to contact your regional office.
    Obviously I don't know your details but have you set up a new bank account in line with branch funding guidelines?
    Is the suspension temporary pending a meeting with someone from the region to discuss how your branch fits in the structure?

    As for the RMA and most people not knowing about I completely agree and we need to publicise this more. Possibly a mail shot to all retirees.

    As for getting a grip the structure was developed through consultation with RMA what more can anyone do. It was not imposed but developed through the consultation.
    You mention Jackson well didn't he have people roaming about the union at will?
    We stopped an attempt at that last week if you read the post again.

  5. the branch has a account but all moneyy has been suspend until all the new branches have been installed it would have made more sense to reallocate money to branches when everything was sorted You are the new contact for the unite left in the region can you tell me when the next meeting will take place also would it possible to see the minutes off the last meeting

  6. I will try to sort this out for you as there should be a facility for your branch to receive some money until process is complete
    I am in Leeds next Monday but I will need details of your branch.

    The branch restructure is being overseen by a group of lay members elected by the Regional Committee. They also deal with any appeals.

    For me to add you to United Left I will need you to email please
    We have a meeting in May the last one was March 10th in Durham.

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